They say that the dream knows no boundary and we at Big Brother believe in assisting you to turn your dream into reality. It has been seen that there are a number of youngsters in our country who are keen to enhance their knowledge and skill in whatever field they are in. It could be in the field of science & technology, mathematics, engineering, machinery, robotics, or different others things. 

But, there are some barriers in their way of pursuing or we can say the insufficient amount of facilities out there in our country and that turn into a hurdle in their way. And so, the last option they are left with is to fly to any other country where their needs can be fulfilled. But, does it sound so easy to relocate to any other country? Perhaps, it could be but it’s not in reality and there comes “Big Brother” to get you out of this problem.

Who are Big Brothers?

Big Brother Visa is the immigration and visa consultancy service that has been in this business over a long period and has assisted a number of students in achieving their dreams by safely shifting them to foreign countries for higher studies.

Along with this whole relocating service, our IELTS and PTE courses help the students to get command of the English language and prove themselves capable to work or study in English-speaking countries like the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and so on.

Why Big Brother become the primary choice of students?

It takes years for any brand or service provider to win the faith of its people over its product or service. And the same story goes for Big Brother as well. With years of experience in providing the best IELTS & PTE course along with complete assistance in relocation to English-speaking countries, we have stood upon the expectations of the people around us.

Among all the different advantages, here we have come up with some of the highlighted reasons why students think of us when it comes to studying in abroad;-

➔ We provide free counseling sessions and try to make the entire process of applying abroad as much as easier we can.

➔ Our executive will stand by your side throughout the Visa and other legal compliance processes and with our connection in departments, we always try to get your necessary documents and the approval on time.

➔ You can book our appointment and can discuss with the counselor about the courses and they will help you by providing details, your educational background, preferences, budgets, good universities, and every sort of necessary thing.

➔ Complete assistance on traveling, accommodation & foreign exchange.

➔ The testimonials of our students and parents made the other people understand their satisfying experiences with Big Brother.

With all such benefits at Big Brother, we have reached the top in the list of the best study abroad consultants in India. Since we have extended our service to the maximum of all parts of the country so anyone across the nation who are in need of such services can get in touch with us easily via calls and e-mails. It’s always our pleasure to help you in all the ways possible.


Big Brother Visa, is one of the most trusted immigration and Visa service providers in the country that has been successfully running over the years. We help the students and people to shift to foreign countries either for their studies or the work respectively. We are also in the business of providing courses for English proficiency tests like IELTS & PTE. Big Brother- We help when you need it.